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Queen were a British rock group who exploded onto the musical scene during the 1970’s. Their unique mixture of rock and stadium anthems have made them one of the greatest bands to ever come out of this country.

The band is well known for their big haired guitarist Brian May who designed and built his own instruments. This is what gives Queen such a distinctive sound. However it is their lead singer Freddie Mercury that made the band truly special.

The charismatic and flamboyant singer was able to engage with large audiences in a way that had never been seen before. Perhaps the most striking image of the band’s career is footage of their Live Aid performance where a massive crowd can be seen clapping in unison to the music.

Queen also worked on a number of fantastic film soundtracks. They provided music for the campy sci fi action film Flash Gordon. Their sound certainly contributed to the success of the film. They also worked on the action thriller Highlander. In one particularly moving scene the protagonist buries his late wife while the song “Who Wants To Live Forever” plays. This is perhaps the band’s greatest cinematic achievement.

Sadly, Freddie Mercury died from complications of AIDS in November 1991 leaving behind an impressive number of chart topping hits. The band Queen have continued to perform with differing singers fronting over the years. The most successful of these is Adam Lambert.

Best Queen Songs To Listen To

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

This is perhaps their greatest hit. It can be heard in the film Wayne’s World.

  • Killer Queen

This song showcases their signature sound.

  • Fat Bottomed Girls

A cheeky feel good tune with fantastic vocal harmonies.

  • Bicycle Race
  • You’re My Best Friend

This song is bound to make the listener smile.

  • Don’t Stop Me Now

It instils excitement in the listener.

  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This has some great piano work.